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Ready to create a life that's like your favourite ice-cream sundae?

Hey, I get it.
I know in reality it's easier said than done,
let me introduce myself...

Ice Cream

Hi, I'm Jade a Life and Confidence Coach

I’m a Life and Confidence Coach working with women who are tired of living a mundane life, and who are craving more self-confidence and motivation to move towards a more adventurous aligned life. You 100% can have a life that feels abundantly full of love and tenacious energy! Let me support and guide you towards that bigger and better life that you crave.


Yes! you absolutely deserve that dream life you just need the confidence to go out and get it.

How did I land myself here?

Let me tell you how I know your dream life is achievable and attainable. I have been there exactly where you are - striving for more but not being clear on how to go after it. Let me tell you a little about it....

To be fair, I had no idea what a life coach was up until my 32nd birthday. I’d heard the term bounced around a few times at some of the yoga retreats I’d attended but didn’t give it a second thought. That was until I was at a crossroads in my life where I felt completely paralysed, having to make a decision that I knew would change my life, forever.


I yearned for a life where I felt seen, valued and cherished. I woke up one day and completely dropped the biggest bomb on my life, the make-up of my whole life changed in that moment. In those initial minutes I felt so raw and scared at what my future would look like.


However, I also had this deep sense of knowing that there must be more to life than the mundaneness of waking up and doing the same shit, having the same arguments, having the same routines and then thinking that something was going to change. 


Thinking everything I truly wanted was just going to happen without me ever having to do anything differently, that it was all just going to land in my lap. This led me to think ‘fuck it’, I was only getting one life and I truly wanted to live mine to the fullest. 


Cue the bomb drop and all the feelings that go with that: sadness at the love I had lost and all the tears that goes along with that; anxiety; confusion on what to do next; questioning whether I had made the right decision? desperation, the need to feel loved and heard; feelings of been scared and confused but also in amongst all of that a tiny glimmer of hope that I believed everything was going to work out.

It was here in this raw state that I found a Life Coach - a beautiful caring woman that held space for my healing heart. The desire to look forward and not back. Being 100% committed to creating a bigger and better life. My coach guided me towards the life that I craved, giving me tiny goals and a glimmer of hope. This led me to go on my own sort of ‘Eat, Prey, Love’ Journey - and what a wild ride it was!


I surfed by myself, almost daily. Not wanting to sound too Woo Woo, I felt the soothing power of the ocean in my heart. I truly fell in love with wide open spaces and the healing nature of the big blue. I craved the space to breathe and feel the ocean's turbulent embrace. I started to feel whole and finally started to enjoy my own company, I was smiling again and felt excited about the future and all that I was creating for myself. I seeked out adventure at every possible opportunity and said yes to everything that sparked joy within me. 


Hover over the below pictures to see some off the adventures I said yes to over the past year.

Finally, I met some of the most amazing kind generous people that restored my sparkle and gave me hope that everything was working out exactly as it was supposed to. I started to repeat affirmations and slowly started to believe that ‘everything was happening for me not to me’. 

I wanted to create a life that was my Dream Ice Cream Sundae

A life that I was so internally happy with and then if all the extra stuff that added to my life e.g relationships, my job etc were just the cherry on top of my favourite ice cream sundae and if it fell off it truly didn’t matter because I still had this dream ice cream sundae that no-one could take away from me because I had been the one to create it.

So Why Coaching?

Coaching gave me the confidence to step up and into my life to go after everything I ever wanted. Being coached has been invaluable to me, it has been my North Star (being from the UK, the North Star rings true for me) guiding me towards my dreams and aspirations. I Truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am right now mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually without the coaches that helped and guided me along the way.


Being so beautifully held from my coaching experiences, I knew that I wanted to be a Life and Confidence Coach after my first session. I felt this inner draw to it to help women see that confidence can be sown and nurtured through self compassion, setting and achieving your goals and from surrounding yourself with people that support and lift you up.


There is so much power in women supporting other women.

How would it feel to restore your sparkle and find your guiding inner North Star?

Copy of Life Coaching (2).png
Want help getting your sparkle back?


Shoot me an email or book in for a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call today to find out more. I would LOVE to hear from you!

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